A critical platform for those working creatively within addiction, the criminal justice system, homelessness and mental health. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, and by ICCE, TCCE and C4CC.


ART vs REHAB  is an ongoing critical conversation that has so far involved over one hundred artists, therapists, academics, service users, service providers, funders and commissioners, including…

Abi Knipe, Aidan Gray, Aidan Moesby, Ailsa Hollond, Alberto Duman, Alexia Scott, Alison Rooke, Alison Trower, Amanda Whittle, Andre Penteado, Anika Carpenter, Anna Madeleine, Anne Barrow, Antenisio Santos, Barbara Dean, Beth Elliott, Caroline Horton, Cate Gordon, Cathie Cox, Chiki Onwukwe, Chloé Gayet, Chris Brown, Christopher Wait, Claire Brett, David Clegg, David Fried, Dawn Brecken, Dean Whittington, Eleanor Shipman, Elliot Tucker, Emilie Taylor, Emma Wolfindale, Erin Soros, Errol Francis, Frances Walton, Hannah Hull, Helen Ervin, Helen Gilbert, Holly Caldecourt, Ian Patel, Isabella Pitisci, Ismail Ali, Jacqueline McCullough, Jamie Griffiths, Jamie Scahill, Jane Fradgley, Jane Lloyd, Jenny Price, Jenny Richards, Jessica Akerman, Jessica Green, Jodie Sadler, Jon Abrams, Jonathan Banks, June Bianchi, Katherine Horsham, Kim Keith, Kim-Leng Hills, Lauren Squires, Lesley Oakley, Lili Barcroft, Linda Bartoli, Louise O’Hare, Louise Prince, Louise Shelley, Maeva Gonzalez, Manjinder Sidhu, Maria Tsartsali, Mark Prest, Martyn Cheesman, Matthew Taylor, Megan Bellamy, Michael Gerstein, Michelle Baharier, Myles Stewart, Myles Stewart, Paddy Gormley, Patricia Ferguson, Pauline Ubah, Rachel Sears, Rhiannon Evans, Rhiannon Sawyer, Richard Ings, Rowena Deletant, Ryan Campinho Valadas, Sam Curtis, Sam Hickson, Sara Kewly Hyde, Sarah & Thomas Tobias, Sarah Jay, Sarah Sansom, Scott Farlow, Shehnoor Ahmed, Silvia Battista, Simon Bond, Simon McCormack, Sophie Hope, Susan McNally, Tam Joseph, The Vacuum Cleaner, Theresa Nash, Vanessa Bartlett and Will Essilfie 

This initiative was conceived by artist and researcher, Hannah Hull, and is supported by Arts Council England, TCCE [The Culture Capital Exchange], ICCE [Institute of Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship, Goldsmiths] and C4CC [The Centre for Creative Collaboration]

Supporting venues include Bethlem Gallery and Archives, Studio Upstairs, The Showroom, West London Day Centre and the Keynes Library at Birkbeck.

Project coordination by Jessica Akerman / Graphic facilitation and design by Jo Buchan / Discussions facilitated and documentated by Paddy Gormley / Audio editing by David Vannen


Hannah Hull





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